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Onashin Cottages is the perfect place to rest and enjoy an unforgettable time in the Tierra del Fuego.

In Yamana tongue “Onashin” means “Land of the Onas”.

The Cabins

We’ve got 5 cabins that carry native names “Del Kina”, “Del Hain”, “Yinciawa”, “Del Ciexaus” and “Kloketen”: 1 cabin with 2 dormitories, private bathroom and an eat in- kitchen; 4 cabins with two floors, a dormitory on the first floor and an eat in-kitchen on the ground floor.

The cabins have their own parking, park-garden, trees and local flowers such as brooms, lupines, lenga beech, cohiue, Magellan Barberry and others. On a wide deck, there are benches that invite you to enjoy the scents of flowers and the cordillera’s scene frame.

The Place

At the foot of Martial Glacier, in front of Buena Esperanza creek and on a paved urban zone are located these warm and picturesque cabins. Ran by its owners, it offers a special reception and an enriched space with an exclusive artistic approach. Oil paintings, drawings, ceramics and vitrofusion that express and tell the history, nature and unknown aspects of the geography and its people.


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